Wellhead Water Remediation is a fully insured company specializing in on site cleaning and remediation of hydrocarbon based contamination, salt water spills or sodic soils utilizing the most recent technology, products and equipment available.

Salt Water Spills
DeSalt Plus™, our advanced soluble liquid amendment product, remediates severe salt (sodium chloride) contaminated soils caused by salt-water spills and leaks.
Restoring Soil Structure
DeSalt Plus™ quickly displaces harmful sodium with a concentrated source of calcium, ammonium, potassium and vital soil nutrients restoring soils to their natural growing conditions.
Reduced Potential Liability
Transferring soil to an accepting location is expensive and does not remove your potential liability. Remediate soil on site using DeSalt Plus™ and relax. The savings will amaze you.
Scientifically Sound
Lab analysis and ongoing testing are important ingredients in what we do. Each step of the process can be verified through soil sampling and analysis.
Petroleum Contamination
Our hydrocarbon max products and clean up processes are safe, non-toxic and effective. We can quickly clean small to moderate oil spills in a cost-effective manner.
Award Winning
Responsiveness is not just a term we use, but a concept we believe in. We are listed as a gold vendor for a reason.

Using today’s technology for a cleaner and safer tomorrow. 

Wellhead Water Remediation utilizes cost effective and environmentally safe cleaning products for all Hydro-Washing and Soil Remediation Projects. From start to finish, Wellhead Water Remediation provides the most effective oil, and salt water spill cleanup solutions on the market today.

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