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Water Remediation and Water Remediation Process

DeSalt Plus™

Effects of Sodium Damage in the Soil

Salt contamination of soils is a serious environmental issue facing the oil and gas industry today. Salts found in produced water spills and leaks can completely devastate surrounding vegetation. Until recently the remediation of sodium affected soils has been a time consuming, ineffective and often-expensive process. In-situ remediation technology offers a fast, easy and cost-effective way to remediate salt damaged soils.

Sodium affected soils have poor physical properties and commonly have crusted surfaces which prevent water percolation, causing runoff and erosion. The severity and depth of the damaged soil formation will increase sharply with increased sodium concentrations in the soil. Remediation of sodium-damaged soils in a timely manner necessitates replacing the exchangeable sodium with a stronger and more favorable cationic source. Research and experience have shown that the sodium (Na+) levels in the soil structure can be reduced through electrolyte manipulation, replacing the damaging sodium with more desirable minerals. Gypsum or calcium nitrates have been used by others to attempt to accomplish this. However poor results, due to the low solubility of gypsum or the negative environmental impact of nitrates, make these poor and costly choices. Now, through chemistry developed in a joint effort between the agricultural and chemical industries, damaging sodium can be effectively replaced with the desirable ingredients in DeSalt Plus™.

DeSalt Plus™ is stable product containing Calcium, Ammonium, and key plant nutrients with 100% cationic availability. Plus, these ingredients are all plant nutrients, helping to restore soil fertility, and encouraging re-growth while removing the harmful sodium from the soil matrix! Proper soil conditions are then restored improving water absorption and soil fertility. Salt water damaged sites can be restored.

With new technology, salt-water spills can be completely remediated in weeks or months without any soil removal and very limited disruption to the surrounding area. Salt water, produced water or sodium contamination can seriously damage the soil and is difficult to clean. Our process is cost–effective and provides unparalleled results.

Oil Spill Maintenance and Cleaning

Wellhead Water Remediation can quickly and cost-effectively clean small to moderate oil spills in-situ. In-situ remediation of hydrocarbon-based spills is a more cost effective and permanent solution than most traditional methods for disposing of oil contaminated soils. In Situ remediation reduces long-term liability from landfills and has minimal effect on the surrounding area.

  • Cleaning Production Facilities and New Oil Spills with In-situ remediation:
  • Reduces Phase 1 Environmental Impact when Selling Properties
  • May Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Immediately Increases the Value of New Properties Purchased with
  • High Environmental Impact
  • More Cost Effective than Dig and Haul
  • Immediate Visual Change
  • Minimal Impact to Surrounding Areas
  • Hydro Washing Of New Oil Spills Increases Oil Recovery And Speeds The Cleaning Process


Wellhead Water Remediation works throughout the nation, offering complete environmental consulting to provide you with cost effective solutions to contaminated soils.


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